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  • Electronic media overly critical of government - President

    Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said the electronic media was overly critical of his government and asked them not to misuse the freedom they have been granted under his rule.

    Touting the state telecommunications regulator, Sirisena said he has observed that the electronic media devotes 80 per cent of their news bulletin to criticise his government.

    “What I say is that they have the right to be critical of the government, but give sometime for coverage of government’s development programmes,” he said.

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  • Two senior media personnel to ITN head chairs

    Senior media personnel Chandama Tillekeratne has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Television network while  senior media personnel Piyadasa Ratnasinghe has been appointed as the person in charge of marketing, program advisor.

    Chandana Tillekeratne has previously worked as a deputy general Manager of ITN. He has been a grade 1 radio announcer who had produced a number of popular television programmes. He has held high positions in a number of radio channels.

    Piyadasa Ratnasinghe had been a member of the Independent Television network from the beginning and had held the position of the deputy director general of the Rupavahini corporation.


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