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  • Interim Budget 2015
    Interim Budget 2015
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  • Elephant Found in Temple
    Elephant Found in Temple
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Movie - Sri Siddhartha Gautama

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“Siddhartha the Buddha’, long awaited movie on the life journey of the Lord Buddha will be released at Liberty cinema Colombo and other EAP circuit cinemas around the country from January 24.

Directed by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Chandran Rutnam, the film is co-directed by Saman Weeraman and Bollywood famed Nepali actress Manisha Koirala.

The film attempts to chronicle the heart wrenching and mind challenging story that lies at the centerpiece of the Buddhist faith, through an emotional and humane lense. Given the internationally diverse star studded cast and direction, it seems that Sri Lanka, one home of Terravada Buddhism, will be the first in the world to turn this story into a production of such magnitude. Utilizing elaborate sets, exquisite locations within Sri Lanka and an authentic script approved by the supreme council of the MahaSangha, this film may lie on the brink of creating history. We are looking forward to this pioneering attempt at an accurate and sensitive cinematic portrayal of Prince Siddhartha’s story of love, courage and compassion.

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